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TBFM (Tom Briggs Feisty Mongrel, previously known as Furrymaster) is a furry artist. Tom found furry fandom in 1998.


TBFM draws both yiffy and clean cartoon style characters. He is known for his Brian Griffin and Scooby-Doo fan art.

His work has been published by two major publishing companies, with him providing illustrations and cover art.

He's also done art for the Poke'nom magazine (http://www.swallowtailproductions.com/product/pokenom-vol-1-digital-download)

About TBFM[edit]

TBFM was born in 1987. He works out of home doing art for people and illustrations for books. His abilities range from cartoons to realistic Pet Portraits.

TBFM in the Fandom[edit]

TBFM dosen't believe there should be a rank system in the fandom due to the nature of the art that most furry artists draw. legitimate art outside of the fandom has more substance. In person TBFM is a very nice person, but can have some strong opinions about art and other artists. TBFM tries to be present at furry conventions. The one he most likely will appear at each year is Furpocalypse. He has appeared at Anthrocon 2013 and 2014 as well. He wears his fursuit of his golden retriever fursona while there (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7509880/).

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