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Toggle D. Xanadu is a Furry artist and otherkin from the US. He is the creator of the web comic "Shift" and ex-podcaster, and is mated with TK Wolfman.


Toggle D. Xanadu

Toggle is a shapeshifter. He usually appears as a 5'11" Red Kangaroo (7'8" when standing on the tips of his toes, and ears perked up) with some rabbit, and fox DNA. He identifies as a kangaroo.

Dark red fur covers 65% of Toggle's body. From his chin to right behind his testicles, he has a pale, light gold fur that decorates his general front. Between his pectoral muscles he has a bright red tuft of fur that is spiky and wavy. He has a layered haircut of black human hair with bright red bangs. His hands, feet, tail-tip, and ear tips are also bright red, with a flame-like separation from the normal dark red fur. His eye usually has an auburn color to them, though this can vary depending on the light.

As typical for kangaroos, Toggle has muscular legs and three-toed feet, each with a sharp black nail. He usually walks plantigrade, though will walk digitgrade from time to time. He usually wears a black vest, jean shorts, and a golden ring hanging from his right ear, indicating his homosexuality.

Character background[edit]

Toggle originally comes from a different realm, being a split of someone who was splintered long time ago as a penalty. More information about his bloodline is being kept anonymous. Though he resides in our realm for now, he carries a part of his very own space with himself which gives him some special powers. He sees himself as a fighter for neutrality, and in times of war he offers shelter in his realm for those who are tired of fighting.


Toggle's style is based off of an anime style he learned, and self taught lessons. He is trying to take art lessons to improve more.

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