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Toffy Fennecat

Toffy Fennecat, or just Toffy, is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives and attends college in Georgia, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Toffy became a part of the furry fandom in early 2009, when her fiance Blondi introduced her to Fur Affinity. Her home convention is Furry Weekend Atlanta. Toffy greatly enjoys drawing, anime, and Breaking Bad.


  • Toffy - Toffy is a fennec fox-cat hybrid with bright orange fur and distinctive ear markings. She has both anthro and feral forms.
  • Rhemeris - Rhemeris is an anthropomorphic gargoyle creature that is made up of dark and light green fur with orange accents and purple and red eyes.


Rhemeris Monsterfluff

Toffy's partial fursuit, Rhemeris (also known as Rhemi, full name Rhemeris Monsterfluff), was made by Tunny under his company label, TunnySaysIDK. Other nicknames and usernames include Hellafluff, Monsterfluff, and Snafu.

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