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Tod Wills (also known as Formidonis, previously known as Coyotepuck) is an artist and puppeteer who lives in Washington, U.S.A.[1]

His most current project is the Ratha's Creature graphic novel, an adaptation of the classic book by Clare Bell. It was part of a successful Kickstarter in February 2013, and is in production. [2]

Tod contributed art for the manual of the World Tree RPG and was cover artist for Sythyry's Journal, a collection of tales set in that world.[3]

In the past, Tod worked on these webcomics with anthropomorphic characters:

Tod attended Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008, Furry Connection North 2008, FurFright 2009, Rainfurrest 2012 and Rainfurrest 2014 as a dealer. He was also a guest of honor at FurFright 2009.


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