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To Your Mind is a song that was created by Redlouts, Fairlight, Eisfuchs, Jumpy, and Cheetah in 1998. It was created during Eurofurence 4, and it was the first song composed for the CD Furry Fantasies II.

The song is unusual. Although it is a love song (which is nothing unusual for furry music), it is a song explicitly written by a furry to his non-furry love. In the song, the singer asks the listener -- his love -- to accept him for what he is, and to try to find their own inner furriness.

While asking your love to accept something about a rather serious topic, the song is lighthearted, taking a lot from american country music with its twin acoustic guitars. This, combined with the sometimes awkward English of the song ("Let me be there when the rain comes down / when the sun in your fur makes me glance) makes for a song that sounds like typical pop on the first play, but gains added significance as the lyrics sink in on later plays.

The song was featured in track 10 of the CD Furry Fantasies II.

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