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Aithley by Hyptosis


Aithley (born 29/11/1978) is a female golden fox. She has blue hair and green eyes and an easy-going attitude. She is also shy and often quiet, but once she knows someone her spontaneity emerges. She has been called silly more than a few times.

Aithley stands plantigrade, is 5'3" from feet to top of head (not including ears), and has a slight build. Her fur is smooth and her tail is large and full. Her clothing style is inspired by the indie/hipster scene, and she has silver piercings in both ears. Any jewelry she wears is silver, and she can often be seen sporting wrist cuffs.

Aithley and Bran drawn by Link Wolf


Aithley is often accompanied by her two beloved companions (she refuses to call them pets) Souris and Bran. Souris is a small grey mouse and Bran is a raven. Bran can be very protective of Aithley if he feels she is being threatened while Souris is more apt to hide in a pocket should a threatening situation occur.


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