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Photograph of Timus the Fox by Tsudodog.

Timus the Fox, or just Timus, is a fursuiter and YouTuber from Orlando, Florida, USA,[1] who lives in Pennsylvania.

Convention attendance[edit]

Timus has attended several conventions in recent years, starting in 2017:

(*) Timus' con debut

Furmeets attendance[edit]

In addition to conventions, Timus has gone to some furry meets in the past as well:


Timus is best known for making furry related content on YouTube including coverage of furry conventions, livestreams, and other random content relating to the fandom.

Although he bears some similarities in appearance to the 2nd fursuit of Kero The Wolf, a former fursuiter and YouTuber, they weren't made by the same people. Timus’ fursuit was made by Miraibaby's A Ginger’s Suits.


Timus began his writing career on fanfiction.net under the name “ernestgoestocamp” and has 13 stories covering a wide range of fandoms. His deviantart account for writing is “fefe46” and also has a total of 13 individual stories (though many of these are short stories involving TF *Transformation* Timus has announced an official original novel by the name “Earthmoon: Journey of Exiles” on his furaffinity page. Date of release is unknown.


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