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Jurann's first hyena fursuit by ToonPaw of ToonSuits.com

Jurann, also known as Ursa Polaris, Jurann Foxtail, Kandykoon, and as Jurann Kraken on Second Life, is a member of the furry fandom who lives in Santa Clara, California, USA.[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jurann joined the fandom early in 1995 via the YiffNet IRC. The name was computer-generated using a random fantasy name generator created by the player.

Jurann appeared on FurryMUCK, TigerMUCK, and Tapestries in early 1996. He has a Mucker bit on FurryMUCK and writes MUF programs. He built and maintains the Garden of Eden on FurryMUCK.

As webmaster and programmer, Jurann has created or been involved in several furry and furry-related projects, including FurCen.Org, Furry Grand Central, the Furry Database, FurBuy, FuroticaMUCK, and Freezing Furs. He contributed to the Fuzzball TinyMUCK server project. He was at one time the Assistant Admin of FurNation.[citation needed]

Convention staff roles[edit]

Jurann staffed ConiFur Northwest for five years as the Director of Internet and Gaming. He was slated to be the Art Show Director for RainFurrest 2007,[1]. Jurann was replaced by Glen Wooten due to personal conflicts with the convention organization.[2].

Jurann was the Science Track 3rd at Further Confusion in 2011 and the Art Track Lead at Further Confusion 2013.[citation needed]


Jurann's character started out as a fox. Jurann changed species to a Spotted Hyena in early 2000.[citation needed]

In September 2006 he changed species again, this time to a raccoon. On September 23, 2007, his character was redrawn by furry artist K'sharra as a polar bear, resulting in yet another species change. As listed on Fur Affinity, his species is "Ice Bear".[3]


Jurann's first fursuit was created in 2005 by ToonSuits and has appeared at Midwest FurFest, Conifur Northwest, Anthrocon, Further Confusion and other furmeets and regional events.

In May 2010 Jurann purchased Korth's okapi fursuit made by Rose Quoll (body) and MixedCandy (head, paws, feet) and renamed the suit Twende. She is part of the Critters By The Bay mascot troupe in the California Bay Area, and has appeared in the Piedmont 2010 4th of July Parade and the San Jose 2010 Holiday Parade.[citation needed]

In July 2010 Jurann had a female Tauren fursuit named Jeemana completed by Komickrazi.

Convention attendance[edit]


Art bidding[edit]

In April 2007, K'sharra stated that Jurann "outbid a couple of people on" on her pieces in a convention art show "because he felt they would sell for higher at a different con. At the end of the con, he paid for the pieces and gave them back" to the artist, his mate K'sharra, "to sell elsewhere."[4].

The convention was All Fur Fun.

In a comment to K'sharra's post on Artists Beware, Jurann stated:

I defended the pieces because I really like them and wanted them myself. But I'd also like to see them in a bigger art show where they'll get more attention. I suppose I made a boo-boo, because while I violated no policies of the art show, I'm being ethically challenged by all kinds of people for what I did.[5]

In a later post, Jurann clarified that:

Two of the pieces [on auction at AFF] in particular I liked and wanted to add to my collection ... and proceeded to bid on ONLY the two pieces I was personally interested in.[6]

He also later claimed that he only wanted to see them displayed in a larger art show as NFS, not re-sold. The attempt to resell the piece online was due in large part to a confusion of which pieces had and had not sold at the AFF auction, as Jurann explained in his LiveJournal:

I didn't make the ownership and intentions of what to do with the pieces I won at AFF clear to K'sharra. I would also point out that AFF did not give K'sharra any paperwork to explain which pieces sold and did not and for how much.[6]

FurBid-SF suspension[edit]

Jurann also placed bids in an online auction by K'sharra, under the account Kandykoon. His bids were made in an increasing pattern over the course of three days, and were followed by two bids by two different people, one of which won the item.[7]

On April 15, Jurann was suspended from FurBid-SF by Ayukawataur for a period of at least six months. Ayukawataur noted that his bids:

Were in no way consistent with his bidding practice across the previous five auctions under the user name Jurann, nor the other two auctions under the name Kandykoon

She also stated that "all interested parties [...] refused to acknowledge any action they made could possibly be wrong, either in the eyes of others, in accordance with the terms of use, or with the law."[8]

Jurann stated in his April 17 post:

My interest in buying this piece was completely genuine [...] I once again used my USUAL bidding strategy for placing bids on the piece, which is consistent with my strategy for [other] pieces on Furbid: inching up the proxy of other users so I don't have to make a proxy bid far higher than theirs.[6]

Ayukawataur disagreed with this stance when she reviewed her records of his previous bidding strategies. She refused to comment publicly any further as to his usual bidding strategy. She cited the internal privacy policy as her reason for not explaining further.[citation needed]

Fur Affinity[edit]

In May 2011, Jurann's account on Fur Affinity was marked Suspended, with

The Administration of this site does NOT appreciate disruption of the community, drama starting and interference with user transactions. They especially don't appreciate false threats against users holding auctions on FA instead of furbuy. This user is permanently banned.[9]

In December 2012 Jurann posted to Fur Affinity "My account access has been restored, thank you Dragoneer for removing the suspension. I will try not to be a disruption to the community in the future."[10]

As of early September 2013, the Fur Affinity account is again marked Suspended.[11]


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