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Timon b, in F.E.A. gear
Timon b and F.E.A members at at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2009
Timon b in 2013

Timon b, also known as Timon Suricata, Timon Castro in Second Life (full name Timon Berkowitz,[1] born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), is a furry fan who lives in NSW, Australia.


Timon works for a wildlife organization in Sydney since 2003, he is an authorized RTA traffic control officer, holds a Cert II in animal care and management, and has a license to rescue and foster native fauna.

Timon b is into watersports paraphilias,[2] which he openly loves.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Timon b has been a furry since the early 1990s when he started high school. Timon b thinks of himself as a fur with anti-furry beliefs. He was once was an op in the IRC channels #Watersports and #Ozfetishfurs on Furnet.[citation needed], founded #Watersports on AnthroChat, is founder of #nonanthro and #Radiofurs, and frequents #Dirtyanimals, #AnythingGoes and #Messplay.

He attends some local meets and furry parties,[3] and he is one of the founders of the Furry Enforcement Agency.


Timon's fursona is a meerkat.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) (selected events).
(**) As FEA representatives.


  • He has been banned from some local meets and furry parties due to perceived disruptive behavior.[citation needed]
  • He has been akilled on FurNet (IRC) for generally instigating fights and unrest, and, later, for trying to evade bans via proxy.[citation needed]
  • He has been banned from the Furstralia forums.[citation needed]
  • He has been banned from the OzFurry mailing list for faking emails, both from a former housemate, Cloud, and the list's owner, Ch'marr.[4]
  • He had a restraining order taken out against him by Flaydramon to stop him from posting webpages threatening violence against him, and to stop Timon b from attending FurJAM 2007.[citation needed] After FurJam 2007, Timon b fought the restraining order in court and won.[citation needed]
  • He has been banned from FurJAM 2007, FurJAM 2008, and FurJAM 2009, and was refused entry during Furjam 2010 to the Eastern Suburbs Legion Club on the Saturday night following an earlier incident by RayLiehm.[clarify][citation needed]
  • After an altercation with a supposed underage user, Inugami, on Furnet, he was first removed from the channel access list, then banned, and finally K-Lined, for attempting to remove Inugami for being "underage".[citation needed]
  • He was prevented from register and escorted out at MiDFur 2012 by the convention staff.[5]


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  • Timon b mentioned in Furry Fandom Conventions, 1989-2015 Book

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