Timm Woolfe

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Timm Woolfe (born July 17, 1936, real name John Hey, also known as Timmothy William Woolfe, died May 13, 2005) was a furry writer and former US Marine Corp's Senior Master Sergeant and a BlueFish (furry writers group) member.

He joined furry fandom via FurryMUCK in 1996, where he would create his bachelor den, T. Woolfe's THINGS REPAIRED & BAIT, a fix-it and bait shop just off Blackberry Banks. He shared his time off between hanging out at the West Corner of the Park and Tapestries, hanging out with friends.


On real life, Timm also was also at one point a radio disk jockey, deck hand on a towboat out of Weswego, Louisiana, a motorcycle engine builder, amateur racer, small press operator, and alarm company service/ops manager. Timm passed away on the land he grew on, Southern California, on May 13, 2005.

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