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Time Out Sydney is the Sydney (Australia) version of Time Out magazine, a magazine published weekly in several cities worldwide, listing various cultural and entertainment events.

In 2008, edition number 18 of Time Out Sydney (March 12-18) featured an article on the various subcultural "tribes" found around Sydney. As well as descriptions of surfers, nudists, goths, and Second Life players, the article has a section on furries written by Andrew Georgiou.

The article begins by defining furries as "people who choose to spend much of their time assuming the role of their animal of choice", and mentions that some furries wear tails or full-body fursuits.

Furry fandom is described as an "innocent" subculture, though notes that "tabloid journalism" and the Fur and Loathing episode of CSI have painted the fandom as "perverted and antisocial".

Although none of the local furries contacted by Time Out were willing to go on the record for the article, an unspecified "Tiger", "Wolf", and "woodland nymph" make some brief comments airing their concerns about the negative stereotypes associated with the fandom.

The article concludes that, despite their eccentric lifestyle choice, furries are "disappointingly normal" (but goes on to stereotype "plushies" as being into kinky activities).

The piece ends with a link to furry.org.au.

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