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TimeSinks aka Black Moon Inn was a MUSH with three realms: etheral, medieval, and modern. Common species in the modern realm included "Nonmythic Werebeasts, Morphics/Furries, Pokemon Morphics and Digimon Morphics".[1] In the medieval realm, Sentient Animals, Mythical Animals, and Werebeasts were among the common species.[2]


  • Xyanth - Headwiz
  • Blue - Coding and being fluffy.
  • Kaze - Helpwiz and sanity dispenser
  • Keiko - Building and themely stuff.
  • Mantis - Bearer of the Scythe. Judge, Jury, Executioner.
  • Merlin - Trainers/Pokemon/Pokemorphs/Meta Humans/Furries & RP
  • Rick - General help and oldtimer RP-Wiz!
  • Tsukiyomi - Building.


TimeSinks is on the same server address as was APA-2 and started around 2007 with the theme of "Furry & Pokemon Adult Adventures".[4]

Black Moon Inn MUCK, again at the same server address, was "A place where heaven and hell reside in a state of grace, populated by humans and, yes, the occasional furry" and pokemorphs, and had a webpage was at http://home.midwest.net/~karma/[5]

In 2008, TimeSinks underwent "a genre and format change [...] to a MUSH format" and "moving away from the Pokemon genre."[6]


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