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Tika Korwyn is a character in Joshua the Samurai's novel The Shulamite, and guest stars in a slightly different form in Bambi's Bamboo Bar. Tika is a Fennec fox, of very small stature, but has nonetheless become a powerful fighter due to her extreme speed and agility. She is a student at the Medina School of Kaparjutsu and attained a gunslinger rank, though left for unknown reasons soon after.

Tika is from a small unnamed farming village where her family harvests Gal Nuts, but she grew up idolizing the Gunslingers in the magazines and newspapers, hoping one day she could leave her village and become like them. At the Medina school Tika formed a deep bond with her teacher T'shelle and fell in love with Magnus Mangreer. She later left the school for reasons yet to be revealed.

She excels at the use of the Iron Fan and prefers it for hand to hand combat. Her Kapar is named "Immanuel" meaning "God Is with Me". Tika has few hobbies or interests outside of Kaparjutsu, spending most of her off-time reading books on technique or history. Her favorite publication is the Gunslinger's Almanac though she reads anything she gets her paws on that has to do with Kaparjutsu.

Tika also appears in Joshua's role play series, Bambi's Bamboo Bar. Here she is still a student of T'Shelle, but due to being presented in a completely different story universe from the Venus Saga, her personality is rather different. Here she is much more lively and the bounding energy that all fennecs possess is very noticeable. She is also a lesbian in this setting (even dating Anita at one point), though meeting characters like Terrik and Kaili has begun to make her rethink her affections.