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Tigris' fursona, a Eurasian Lynx hybrid. Art by Tigris.
Tigris the Eurasian Lynx hybrid fursuit
Harp, the 1920's red panda

Tigris Gacobelli, also known as Tigris The Lynx, Tigris, or simply Tig, formerly known as Willows-Storm (born January 11, 1984),[1] is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]


Tig's fursona is a female Eurasian Lynx hybrid. Her personality is a gentle, mothering character who is creative, artistic and loves to spread happiness and peace to all. She has longer ears that have long tufts of turquoise hair at the tips which corkscrew and hang down. Her tail is around the same length and fur-thickness as a snow leopards tail with long silky hair that extends from the underside, similar to a saluki. Below her elbows and hocks is an large amount of silky fur called "feathering" which you would normally see on horses like Gypsy vanners and Clydesdales. Her body build is short with digitigrade legs and long lanky arms. Her main colors are peach and white, with forest green ears, grass green dots on her eyebrows, and turquoise fur tufts on her elbows, hocks, and ear tips.

Tigris often wears a purple daisy on her right ear, a gold peace sign charm on a purple ribbon necklace, hippie clothing like ponchos, patchwork skirts and bellbottoms. She also wears round Lennon glasses, but she rarely wears them in public. [1]


Tigris owns five fursuits:

  • Tig - A fursuit depicting Tigris' fursona, a female Eurasian lynx hybrid, which she herself constructed in 2007 and debuted at Anthrocon 2006[2] and later appeared in a skit named "Billy the Theme Park Shark" in Anthrocon 2007's masquerade. [3].
  • Moondog - A fursuit depicting Tigris' canine character, which she herself also constructed in 2008/09 and debuted at a Glen Echo picnic event for children and later at Anthrocon 2008. [4] She is a white Scottish Terrier dog that has a few black stray hairs on her back and a big black heart-shape on her ear. Her favorite colors to wear are black, blue, green and violet. [5]
    Moondog's accomplishments include:[4]
    * Two skits in Masquerade at Anthrocon 2008 ("Underdog"[6] and "We're Not Gonna Take It")
    * Won 2nd place metal at Anthrocon's 2008 Fursuit Olympics
  • Romeo Valentino - A male red panda constructed by Lacy. This costume was originally owned by AnimeCat and named Mai Tai, before Tigris purchased it from AnimeCat on FurBid. Tigris rechristened the costume after finding his original name, as listed on Lacy's website, as Romeo.[7]
  • Harp - A male red panda which she herself constructed. This fursuit debuted at Further Confusion 2010. The costume is based on a character often found in her artwork, a red panda that is loosely based on Buster Keaton and Harpo Marx which the character himself idolizes. The character of Harp is a young acrobatic comedian who pretends to be mute when he performs in films and theater to be more like his idols. He doesn't talk and prefers to use pantomime and his brass taxi horn to communicate. His tailcoat was inspired by Charlie Chaplin, the sleeves are cut off and the seams of his pant-legs are split open like Harpo Marx's wardrobe in Horsefeathers, allowing room for the fursuits large arms and legs.
  • Tigris - A the second version of a fursuit for this character, created in 2011. It is the second full-suit which she herself constructed, and it features digitigrade legs and a cartoony head. The costume first debuted at Anthrocon 2011 and was in the parade, the fursuit games, and the Masquerade infomercial skit for cheap "Smacme Products"[8] featuring terrible magic tricks for magicians. She hosted a Fursuit Performance panel.
  • Pretzel Pup - A dog fursuit slated for 2014. She's a jackabee, a beagle and jack russell terrier mix. She has three white spots on one ear and wears a pink polkadot bandana. Pretzel will be paired with a new version of Cheesebeagle, who will look similar in head shape and art style to her. Pretzel was intended to be a beagle-version of Tigris' fursona and maintains Tig's green eyebrow spots, green eyes and other similarities.


Tig had an interest in drawing when she was 7 years old, and taught herself how to draw. She always had a fascination with old films, time travel, and 60s British Invasion bands. Her artwork reflects these things.

There are two fictitious tribute bands that are mainstays in her gallery, The Fab Gears (The Beatles) and The Prairee Chikens (The Monkees).


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