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Tigris Euphrates (real name Dasha Ariel Clancey; born January 8, 1979)[1] is a furry who lives in Sunnyvale, California. U.S.A.[1] Her totem animal is a white tiger and she has been living with Jeff Ferris since 2002.

Tigris served as Layout Editor of the YARF! fanzine from 2003 to 2006. She has also been on the staff of Further Confusion for several years, fulfilling a variety of roles:

  • Coordinator of Administrative Policy in 2002
  • Writing Track Lead in 2003
  • AAE Finance Assistance in 2004
  • AAE Finance Assistance in 2005
  • Internet Lounge Lead in 2007
  • Internet Lounge Lead in 2008
  • Internet Lounge Lead in 2009
  • Internet Lounge Lead in 2010
  • Internet Lounge Lead in 2011


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