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A reference sheet for Tiggstar's fursona, Tiggs.

Tiggstar is an anthro artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Tiggstar's fursona is named Tiggs, a dog-raccoon hybrid.



As an anthro artist, Tiggstar has partially completed a comic-project entitled Later Days, on hiatus. She was to be the official illustrator of Royal-Sovereign's Phillipe (also known as Cardinal Orange) project. She was also the only artist that Royal-Sovereign officially sanctioned to draw his fursona (excluding gift-art from others).


Along with Later Days, Tiggstar made public announcements for a full-on manga project called Dream Catcher, which she produced several character designs for it.

An avid anime and manga fan, Tiggstar does fanart of the Naruto and Bleach series. Much of the style of her own work, both anthro and otherwise, has been attributed to the influence of manga and anime.

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