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This page referrers to the California furry by the same name. For other uses, see Tigger (disambiguation).

Tigger has a Siberian Tiger as her furry persona.

Tigger's character is a personal furry, although she does play younger characters on occasion. She's a tall, chubby tiger girl with slightly messy brown hair, green eyes and a penchant for walking around barefoot.

Player History[edit]

Tigger was born in June 1983 in Sydney, Australia. She left home at 17 years of age, then moved to Brisbane, where she lived for a while in a furry share house in West End.

She then lived on her own in West End and Sydney for a brief period before moving to America in 2003 to live with her wife, LadyBear.


Tigger's interests include a love of computers and FOSS. She works in the IT industry.

She mostly enjoys spending time with her family, writing, reading, cooking, and is a big fan of Doctor Who.


Tigger uses IRC. On furnet her nick is SleepyBadger[L], and she is an SOP in the channels #ozfurs, and the current owner of the channel #boingboing.

She usually attends Further Confusion in San Jose, where she met many of her chosen family, and was on a panel about petplay there in 2007.

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