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Tigerdile-frontpage.jpgTigerdile front page circa October 2014
Author(s) Owners: Tanabi and Caribou
Launch date November 2012
End date April 21, 2023
Genre Art Streaming Site
Web PG
Web NC-17

Tigerdile was a furry streaming site and community primarily geared towards streaming art and crafting activities. It was specifically targeted towards professional artists that wanted to use streaming as part of their business.[1]

The site was launched around November 2012 by Tanabi and Caribou, who were 50/50 co-owners.[1] The site closed on April 21, 2023, owing to Tanabi no longer being able to support the site. [2] [3]


The "Tigerdile" character was created during Caribou’s art stream in the Summer of 2012 and was posted to Fur Affinity with an assurance from the viewers that they would each post a testimonial on how Tigerdile had made their life better.[1]

Later that summer, Tanabi and Caribou began talking about creating an online art sales site, and the Tigerdile character and name was chosen for the shop. The plan was to be a cooperative site, where artists could put their art behind a pay wall and receive a share of the income; a business similar to Club Stripes or others.

While developing the site, Tanabi discovered that a Livestream-hosted stream could be embedded into other web pages; Tigerdile's entry into streaming began with the ability to set up a stream channel where the video was hosted by Livestream while the chat was hosted elsewhere. Multi-streams and other similar configurations were hand built for events like "HomeCon", the first of which happened in November 2012 to help recoup some income due to Caribou's inability to attend Midwest FurFest that year.

This proved so successful that the original plan was delayed and Tigerdile was repurposed to provide professional streaming.

Initially hosted on a dedicated Core 2 Duo machine running Solaris 11 (hosted by Anubian Host), the first iteration of Tigerdile used the Java-based Red5 stream server and went through several chat programs.

The server was quickly outgrown, and Tigerdile moved to a gigabit link on an 8-core dedicated machine. The stream server software was changed to a highly customized version of CRTMPServer, and a custom chat server was written by TanabiGoat to provide for the features demanded by the population.

Service Offering and Pricing[edit]

Tigerdile was a pay site that charged its content producers (streamers) to broadcast their content. There was a 30 day free trial, and after that, time was purchased in 30 day chunks.[4] There were three pricing levels:

  • $5.00 USD for the "Casual User" package, which allowed the streamer to have up to 10 viewers.
  • $15.00 USD for the "Pro" package, which allowed the streamer to have unlimited viewers in their stream.
  • $45.00 USD for the "Sustainer" package, which also provided unlimited viewers but also included additional features. Specifically, they once received a Tigerdile Tadpole plush toy, an ad on the front page of Tigerdile, and their stream would have showed up above the Pro/Casual/Trial users in the stream listing.

Viewer "caps" were not enforced and were treated as an honor system; if a streamer went over their cap, there was no penalty and viewers were still able to join. Therefore, streamers that "usually" got 10 or fewer viewers but may have occasionally went over the limit were encouraged to use the "Casual User" package until their user base was solid enough to support a "Pro" package.[1][4]

Plush Tigerdile Tadpole toys, Tigerdile messenger bags, and Tigerdile charms were available for sale on the "Tigerdile Swag Site", and Tigerdile also once sold digital artwork packages from a limited selection of artists available on the "Tigerdile's Emporium of Earthly Delights" site.


The core purpose of Tigerdile was Furry Streaming. It was touted as a professional streaming site for people that use streaming as a core part of their business; therefore, friendly and responsive support was considered a key feature along with providing a stable and high-quality stream server.

Tigerdile's features included:

  • A custom chat server that allowed each artist to moderate their own stream. Artists could also elect moderators to work on their stream. This made Tigerdile largely self-policing.
  • An ignore feature that was available to all users to ignore messages from people they didn't like in chat channels.
  • Private chat, including private group chat.
  • "Multi-stream" hosting: up to 5 artists could stream on the same page.
  • Private streams, allowing streamers to have streams that did not show up on the list and required a password to view.
  • Modification of the look of the body of their stream page, including adding whatever images they wanted, resizing of the video area, setting a background image, and moving the of the chat box.
  • A simple Paypal integration for taking tips.
  • A system wherein viewers could subscribe to a stream, and streamers could send emails to their subscribed viewers.
  • A fledgling comic hosting system, which hosted titles such as "Halfway Hotel".
  • A digital product store that had a small selection of artists participating.


The rules of the site were listed on the "Terms and Conditions" page. There was also a "Privacy Policy" page.

These rules were summarized as follows:[5]

  • No Hate. Tigerdile was intolerant of intolerance.
  • No whining.
  • Art was the preferred content on the site. Video game streams and other "shows" were also accepted, however certain kinds of content (rebroadcasting movies full screen as a given example) were considered too "copyright sensitive" for streaming. All people who wanted to stream were put through an approval process to verify their content was acceptable for Tigerdile.
  • Only legal things were allowed to be streamed.
  • If a stream was marked Safe For Work (SFW), then the streamer should have take steps to ensure the content is safe for all audiences. If the stream was marked Not Safe For Work (NSFW), then all viewers must have certified their age as being 18 years old or older before being allowed to view. Additionally, all streamers must have been at least 18 years old to stream on Tigerdile.
  • Content rules were said to be, if it's not okay to post on FurAffinity, it's not okay for Tigerdile. Cub art was noted as particularly forbidden.
  • Streamers were not allowed to perform "live" adult activities on Tigerdile. Streamers were not allowed to stream themselves nude or in adult acts.
  • No refunds.


Homecon (home convention), was an annual loosely organized streaming event on Tigerdile complete with panels and convention themes. It was started by Caribou who could not attend Midwest FurFest 2012 due to traveling costs. She announced that she would be having a "homecon" and the name stuck. The impromptu event was organized by Tanabi, who also got Michelle Light, Flinters and Genesis Whitmore on board.[6]


Tigerdile's list of administrators was on the FAQ page[1]. The administrators were:

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