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Tigera (also known as Byakurai Tora) is an newly active member of the furry fandom, but though not active he has be a fan since early 2005. He works on his drawings before submitting them. He was born in January 1990.


Tigera often takes on two different types of characters, one being a dark tiger from his past, the other and most current, an anthropomorphic tiger who wields the power of lightning. His other name is Byakurai Tora (japanese for White Lightning Tiger). His character is a copy of himself, a constant fighter, who has seen the dyas of darkness, and seeks the new path.


Tigera has written some short stories or parts of his main story, and revealed them to the general public to view. His style is of strong imagery, in a combination of actions and descriptions. Though he is somewhat of a writer, he tends to do characters first, and make final decisions on what he wants or feels would be a big component in his storyline.


Due to complications Tigera has only finished with a GED, which he completely takes blame for. He admits that his foolishness and emotions got to him, and ultimately the fault rests with him. Though in the future he is preparing himself to go to college for two degrees, one being in Graphic design, the other in Zoology studies.

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