Tiger of the Wind (Monster Rancher)

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Tiger of the Wind (Rygar in Japanese) is a character from the anime Monster Rancher. While being named Tiger and having the monster type of tiger, he actually resembles a horned wolf. A former thief and bandit, he travels with the group now known as the Courageous Seven. His signature attacks include Torpedo, Lightning, Blizzard, Ice Bomb, Bite and Scratch.


Tiger of the Wind was separated from his mother at a very young age for unknown reasons. He spent most of his life traveling with his brother, Gray Wolf. They lived off whatever they could, stealing, killing, and foraging. They faced everything together. Needless to say Tiger and Gray Wolf were very close. As time went on, they joined up with other Tigers, all outcasts of humans. They traveled and survived together. Then, one day, they met Moo, a horrible creature who takes over good monsters and turns them into evil villains. He killed most of Tiger's pack, and kidnapped his brother, leaving Tiger scarred across the face. Tiger moved on, building a new pack. Then, one day, he met up with Genki. At first, they were enemies because Tiger didn't trust humans until Genki won him over after a clan of Dinos working for Moo killed all of Tiger's new pack. Tiger joined up with Genki, Holly and the rest, in hopes of one day defeating Moo and avenging his pack. As they battled enemies and came against many tough situations, they found out about the Big Bad Four, a group of the strongest of the monsters working for Moo. To Tiger's horror, he discovered that his long lost brother was one of this group. Tiger was forced to defeat his own brother, but after Moo was destroyed, all the Lost Disks were revived and Tiger and his brother were reunited.