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Tiffany Tiger is the star of The Suburban Jungle - the website's main page even reads "The Suburban Jungle - starring Tiffany Tiger!" A young tiger, Tiffany struggles to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, with varying degrees of success over the years. She has been in photo shoots, presented fashion awards, starred in a B-movie reminiscent of Barbarella and may star in a similarly themed television series. For most of this time she has also been working for the Information Technology Department of MegaHugeConGloMaCo, a company whose purpose is to merge with other companies.

Through that time, her love life has also been rather turbulent. Her good looks charm many, but until now she hasn't managed to have a stable relationship, much to her dread. Her longest running affair yet has been with Conrad Tiger, but Conrad broke up with her, realising that both needed things the other could not offer. Things are looking up again, however; Tiffany recently rediscovered love in the face of her longtime friend and admirer Leonard Lion.

Tiffany is ambitious, bright, and persevering; although the way to fame is strewn with many obstacles, she always fights to overcome them.