Tiber Ferrum

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Tiber Ferrum is a fictional character featured in the Maranatha story series by Alex "Osfer" Vance.

A stallion with a keen intellect, sharp business sense and very loose morals. He is known to manipulate people in very complex ways, which has allowed him to rise from humble beginnings to a fairly high position in Sargasso Holdings, Inc..

Almost entirely unscrupulous, he appears to be uniquely capable of dealing with the psychopath Sybrand Brubaker, not only employing him but also anticipating various twists of the feline's fractured mind.

Heathen City: Volume 2 shows that shortly before Maranatha disaster, he swiftly began to lose his mind, possibly due to stress, an occurence that came to a head during a meeting with several other executives.

Writer: Alex Vance
Illustrators: Ayato · Distasty · Krahnos · Charha · Fel