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Xander Zzyzx (born March 14, 1982),[1] previously known as Tiado Ableth, is a furry and fursuiter who lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.[1]

Xander's fursona is a Tasmanian devil.[2] As Tiado, his fursona was an anthropomorphic husky-wolf hybrid, whose fur was gray with a slight blue tinge.


Xander discovered the furry fandom in August, 2000, but long before that had had a fascination with anthropomorphic animals, as well as feeling a spiritual connection to wolves. Tiado's original wolfhusky fursona developed as he combined his love of wolves with a similar fondness for huskies.

Xander's fursuit character, who goes by the same name, was created in 2014 by Komickrazi Studios.[3]


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