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Thunder Roo, also known as Roo Fox, is a furry whose fursona is a red kangaroo.[1] Originally from California, USA, he lives in Phoenix, Arizona.[1]

"ThunderRoo In Crisis"[edit]

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On January 19, 2011, the Furry News Network published the article "ThunderRoo In Crisis",[2] which described how Thunder Roo's parents had allegedly lured him back after he had left home, and how he had then been "rescued" by Scott J Fox and DragonOrca.

The article quoted a Fur Affinity journal post by Scott J. Fox,[3] and claimed that, soon after his arrival in Georgia, Thunder was contacted by his parents, who indicated his father had been "critically injured in an accident and was in the hospital".[2] Thunder immediately boarded a plane and returned to California, where "he found out he had been deceived. His parents lied to him and lured him back to keep him from venturing out on his own".[2] Scott J. Fox and DragonOrca then arranged a "rescue" by travelling to Thunder's house and picking him up.[3]

Donation drive[edit]

On January 21, 2011, Furry News Network arranged a charity drive, seeking monetary donations to assist Thunder Roo.[2]


On June 26, 2012, Thunder Roo posted to his journal on Fur Affinity,[4] stating that the reason he had left Atlanta was because he was homesick, and that he himself had made up the story of his father being in an accident. Thunder also stated that he had returned the largest of the donations he had received.


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