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Throne is an action-adventure, drama enriched webcomic created by furry artist Raven. It is about a long lost King to the throne of the land of Anole, a young female Drow, the last of her clan, a sorcerer determined to eradicate all Drow and the long hunted cursed minotaur.


The land of Arsnol has been corrupted by the false king Lucious, a sorcerer who has a seething hatred for all things elven, including drow, elves, and centaurs. The real king Altair was put under a curse by Lucious to forever walk in the body of a minotaur, to think, act and feel as a normal minotaur does, so that he would forever forget his rights to the throne and never return. But once every 10 years Altair is allowed to walk as a man for one whole day and night; then the following morning, he is a minotaur once more.

Sir Cornal, Lucious' right hand man and evil-doer, captures a drow maiden while he raids a village in the south lands of Arsnol. She was in the midst of slaying two of his men; this intrigued him and made his lust grow for the maiden. Seeing she was a spit-fire and full of life he imprisoned her, one for sport, two for his own perverse pleasures.

Until one night she manages to escape into the woods. With Sir Cornals men and dogs hot on her tail, she runs right into Altair, and it here that these two meet.


The two main characters of Throne are Altair and Anrea.

Altair is a cursed minotaur, former King of Arsnol. Every decade he turns back into a human for twenty-four hours, and than, the next morning, he is a minotaur again.

Anrea is a young female Drow, a prisoner of the camp of Sir Cornals, shackled and chained for fighting against the false king's right-hand man. She escaped the encampment and ran into Altair in the woods.

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