Three Fingers

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Three Fingers is a graphic novel written and drawn by Rich Koslowski and published by Top Shelf Productions in 2002. Drawn in grainy, evocative pencil and ink wash, the story is told in the form of a documentary in which an unseen interviewer questions a succession of aging Hollywood cartoon actors (thinly disguised versions of major furry characters), film industry insiders, and historians about the career of the first and greatest toon film star, Rickey Rat. The interviewer is particularly interested in the entertainment empire built on Rickey's success by filmmaker/impresario Dizzy Walters, and the tragic consequences befalling three generations of toon performers in their competitive struggle to achieve Rickey's level of money, power, and fame.

A dark valentine to Walt Disney, the Hollywood star system, and the American animation industry, Three Fingers received the 2003 SPX Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel.