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Three Delivery is an American Flash-animated television series which premiered on Nicktoons Network in the United States in 2008. It is primarily action-oriented, centering around the nightly cases of three adopted teenage martial-arts fighters in a generic Chinatown who battle dark forces in the area while concurrently working as the delivery service for their adopted uncle's Chinese restaurant, Wu's Garden; they were adopted at an early age by a middle-aged female martial arts guru, whose son runs the restaurant.

The series contains multiple uses of anthropomorphic characters in a few episodes, including one major character, Toby, being accidentally turned by a magic fortune cookie into a monkey with bat wings in one episode (Let Them Eat Cookies) and again being turned by a fortune cookie into a dog, deliberately, to track down marauding lion-like monsters roaming Chinatown in another episode (Night of the Nian).

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