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This page is about the US fur. There is also a Scottish fur named ThrashWolf, and a Norwegian fur with the similar name of TrashWolf.
Thrashwolf by Wastrel
Thrashwolf, also known by Thrash(his real name), is a furry artist and fursuiter who resides in Portland, Oregon, USA. His fursona is a grey wolf (possibly a werewolf).

Thrashwolf has been involved in the furry fandom since the early 90's attending several conventions such as MFM, AC, FC and FSB. First introduced to it thru websites such as Bender's Werewolves in Suburbia and through newsgroups such as alt.horror.werewolves and then expanding into Yiffnet irc.

Online Socializing[edit]

Started on IRC in the Yiffnet network before it split under the name of Thrashwuf, (due to the restriction of the network) now can be found on Anthrochat, Furnet and TFNet under the name Thrash or Thrashwolf. Most notably in the fursuit, tf, or rubber channels.

Off the Net[edit]

Thrash currently attends college studying Mechanical Engineering and Machine manufacturing. He also competes in BMX racing in which he travels alot. Thrash attends many of the local and not so local furmeets.


Thrashwolf draws many variations of art including transformation, furry, and a mix of kinks and fetishes. He displays his sketches in several online galleries. He also accepts commissions for custom art and art trades.


Thrashwolf built a fursuit of his fursona, and also has been involved in the construction of several other costumes, including ChaosWolf, Fay Fox, Yuffie, Longshot Husky, WinterEyes and Tuxedo Musk. Aside from the traditional furbase costumes, Thrash has also started into the latex/rubber scene, producing a rubber Dalmatian costume named Crossword. Casting custom parts and modifying stock items.

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