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This page is about a Scottish fur. There is a US fur with the very similar name Thrashwolf.
ThrashWolf by Aerfox

ThrashWolf, often shortened to Thrash or Thrashy, is a fur from Aberdeen, in the North East of Scotland. His fursona was redesigned in the first half of 2012. Previously consisting of a domestic grey wolf, wearing a black leather collar and black goggles imprinted with a radioactive symbol (pictured), his new fursona more closely resembles a monster. Thrash himself hoped for it to inspire feelings similar to those inspired by Freddy Krueger or a Xenomorph. Thrash currently works at a popular UK supermarket and is a student studying software engineering, as well as perusing several smaller, personal projects.

Online presence[edit]

Thrash no longer posts on the forum, calling it "a daycare center for the especially retarded, moderated by fools". He was banned for apparent bullying (refusal to allow a member he felt had ripped off the community to attend a furmeet) in early 2012. He was responsible for organizing four years of the UKFur "Group Pic." The Group Pic is large annual commission of all forum members who wish to participate. When the member suggesting the pic was banned, Thrash took it upon himself to ensure the project carried on.

He can be found posting on Twitter, keeping an eye on UKFur with one of his may alternate accounts, and on Reddit; both as a regular member, and moderator of the /r/awesome subreddit.


Thrash was responsible for rebooting regular Aberdeen furmeets, which take place in various places in and around Aberdeen. The first 'regular' Aberdeen meet commenced on the 31st of January 2009.

Fursuiting and Art[edit]

Thrash is a large fan of fursuiting; Both performing in suit, and the creation of suits. Believing he does not have the artistic skill required to make a passable fursuit, Thrash owns a stunning fursuit created by Joecifur. Being an art lover, Thrash has had several commissions by various artists. He also owns a Jim Henson-style puppet, created by Kranken's Kritters, which starred in ConFuzzled's 2010 Pawpet Show.


ThrashWolf is founder and former Chairman of Scotland's first and only furry convention, Scotiacon.

Life Outside of the Fandom[edit]

Thrash has an affinity for modifying and hacking computers and games consoles. He supports piracy, yet regularly purchases "good" software, films and music.

Thrash is an avid gamer, with PC being his preferred platform. After being introduced to Dance Dance Revolution, he took to the game very well, and now regularly plays it at home as well as in the arcade.

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