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A theriotype, originally known as a phenotype (first created in alt.horror.werewolves on November 28, 1993),[1] is the species of animal(s), extant or extinct, that a therian identifies with.


The word theriotype was developed in 1999[2] as a replacement for the words "Wereside" and "phenotype", which held the same meaning but was felt to be misnomers, such, as with "pheno", which it refers to the observable attributes of an organism.

Some therians believe they have more than one theriotype, and as such they are called Polytherians (replacing the old identifying word Polyweres).


One of the most common theriotype is the wolf,[3] accounting for approximately half of the online therian community[citation needed] (mammals, in general, are most frequently seen).[citation needed]

Mythical animals are usually considered to be otherkin, but this has been disputed,[citation needed] especially in the case of dragons and griffins, which are both mythical beasts, but also experience more instinctual and animal-like behavior during shifts. These therians may refer to themselves as theriomythic.

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