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Frozen Oasis

The Frozen Oasis is a group led by Jaspian and Soron that holds parties at several conventions around the United States, usually including a dance room with live DJs and a laser light show. In the bar area/party room, frozen golden margaritas and strawberry daiquiris are served, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. The parties are for furs 21+ and entrance requires photo ID.


First year[edit]

The very first Frozen Oasis Party occurred at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2006 (Frozen Oasis I). Additional parties were held at Morphicon (II), Anthrocon 2006 (III), Mephit Furmeet X (IV) and FurFright 2006 (V)[1]. In addition, a separate Christmas party, the Frozen Oasis X-Mas, or FOX-mas (Frozen Oasis VI), was held in Dansville, New York, at Soron's residence.

In 2007, two Frozen Oasis parties were held at Further Confusion 2007 (VII and VIII). Each party night is considered a separate party, with a separate number.

Anthrocon 2006[edit]

At Anthrocon 2006, in Pittsburgh, the party was controversially closed early due to alleged complaints from hotel management,[2], but these complaints could not be substantiated, as they did not appear in the hotel's security manifest. The reason for the party being closed was eventually changed to Kage's SISTER complaining to Kage himself to account for the discrepancy, but this was never objectively verified. This was also the scene of numerous abuses of power by the Dorsai Irregulars[3] , including attempted confiscation of non-contraband private property, trespassing in a private non-convention room without permission, and threatening to revoke con badges of attendees not directly associated with the Frozen Oasis.[4] Other Hotel guests were harassed by dorsai as they exited the elevators, even when they were not going to the party.

The Frozen Oasis at AC06 fundamentally changed the way that AC security operated, limiting Dorsai jurisdiction from the residence areas. A formal investigation was launched by Dorsai leaders, with the intent of reprimanding Dorsai who overstepped their authority, but their conclusions were never formally announced to the furry community at large.

Since that night, AC and FO have mended much of the friction between their respective groups, and Frozen Oasis made a return to AC the following year.

Second year[edit]

The first anniversary party, Frozen Oasis IX, was held at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007[5]. Frozen Oasis returned to Morphicon for Frozen Oasis X or the "FOX" party on May 18th, 2007. SonicBlu and Bastian celebrated their birthdays at midnight during the FOX party. Shortly after midnight the music was paused and Happy Birthday was sung to Sonic Blu and then again for Bastian.

Anthrocon 2007[edit]

Frozen Oasis returned to Anthrocon 2007 for Frozen Oasis XI, also dubbed "Frozen Oasis: The Return"[6], after Frozen Oasis was personally invited to return to AC by Sam Conway, the chairman of Anthrocon, after seeing the successes of Frozen Oasis at Further Confusion 2007. Although hesitant at first, Jaspian and Soron took Frozen Oasis back to Pittsburgh that year for Anthrocon. [7]Despite massive success at Anthrocon, the party was once again shut down, forcing the dance portion of the party to close around 11 pm, and the party as a whole around 2 am. This was extremely controversial as to this day, no official word has been released by anyone as to who ordered the plug to be pulled on the party. The presence of uniformed dorsai at the party just before closing, has lead some to believe that Uncle Kage himself ordered the party to be shut down[8], jealous that it was more popular than his convention events that were going on at the same time. Frozen Oasis XI featured DJ's Tek-Fox and Genki as headliners, and Jaspian in support.

Post-Anthrocon 2007[edit]

Frozen Oasis then returned to MFM for Frozen Oasis XII, which featured lounge music, card games, and Jaspian dressed in a real Las Vegas show costume, for the "Viva Las Vegas" theme. BearCat moderated the card game, and prizes were offered for the winners.

Frozen Oasis was not invited back to FurFright 2007 due to fire-code conflicts with the hotel that they had moved into that year. This turned out to be prudent, as many smaller parties were closed down controversially by the Dorsai Irregulars.

Frozen Oasis also featured a Christmas Party in 2007, in Rochester NY.

Third year[edit]

Late in 2008, Jaspian announced that the Frozen Oasis would be closing for the "indefinite future", due to "lack of interest"[9]. This announcement caused a flurry of renewed interest from furs who did not want to see the Fandom's largest and most well-known party to close. However, the post holds out the possibility of continuing Frozen Oasis at MFM.

At MFM 2008, Frozen Oasis did return as they had hinted, causing speculation that Jaspian and Soron are not ready to shut Frozen Oasis down completely.

On December 6th Jaspian and Soron will host the third annual Fox-Mas party in Rochester, New York. Furs wishing to attend should contact/RSVP with Soron for more details. [10]

Fourth year[edit]

In May 2009 the Frozen Oasis returned to Morphicon and continued to be a large drawn. During the party, Guest of Honor Bucktown Tiger was the MC to the DJ with his own brand of freestyle. Due to the down turn in the US economy Morphicon was the party's only convention appearance. In July, the Oasis hosted a birthday party for Soron, called Panda Trek. Panda Trek was a star trek themed event in Rochester, NY.

In September, the group announced that they would host FOXmas in a convention format.[11] The public event was cancelled in late October after adverse publicity caused the hotel hosting the event to withdraw.[12] Instead a private Christmas party, like the years before, will be held at Soron's house.

Fifth year[edit]

In May 2010 the Oasis hosted a party again at Morphicon. In keeping with the convention theme, Stoat Fair, the party was themed after the movie the The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Again the party was a huge success and very well attended by a majority of the convention attendees on Friday Night. It was then decided that the Frozen Oasis could no longer be effectively and properly help in a hotel room. As a result, Jaspian and Soron decided to no longer host the party unless it was in convention space. As a result they opened negotiations with Morphicon for 2011.

 In December another very well attended FOXmas party was held at Soron's house in Rochester, NY.

Sixth year[edit]

In May of 2011 the Frozen Oasis broke new ground as a convention sponsored event at Morphicon. Friday night the Oasis took over the Adams room and put on one heck of a show! The theme was Alice in Wonderland and living up to their reputation they Oasis crew took their attendees through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. The party pulled in over 80% of the con's attendance and was a huge success and there were no complaints or incidents. The pet auction was also held in the Oasis and raised several hundred dollars for the charity.

In September, the Oasis crew started planning a large for December 2012, The End of the World Party.

In December there was again a FOXmas party at Soron's house which was the largest to date. At this party Soron made the announcement that there would be no more FOXmas parties in the future, much to the dismay of the attendees. The mood quickly lightened as Soron explained that in 2012 there would be a replacement, The End of the World Party and the website was brought online. Orange promotional t-shirts were handed out to all attendees to advertise the event at conventions during the following year.

Seventh year[edit]

The Frozen Oasis again returned to Morphicon in May of 2012 as a convention sponsored event. And again it was extremely successful. The theme was in keeping with the convention theme of fables and furry tales. Etheras (Jaspian's new fursona) and Soron themed the event as a promotion for The End of the World Party (which by this time had become a full convention) and told the tale of "Panda little" who told all the furs that the sky was falling and they had better get tot he safety of the the Oasis vault and party away till the sky was done falling. Again the party drew well over 80% of the convention attendance and we were invited back in 2013.

Currently Etheras and Soron are busy in preparations for The End of the World Convention which will be December 20th-23rd at the Raddison Riverside in Rochester, NY. This event is being billed as the last furry EVENT EVER!!! with the disclaimer that this is true only if the world truly does end.



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Other / Miscellaneous[edit]

There was an ice cream stand in Rye NY back in the 1960's called "Ern's Frozen Oasis."

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