The Dawn Chapel

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The Dawn Chapel
The Dawn Chapel.jpg
Author(s) Astolpho
Update schedule Weekly, updated Fridays
Launch date November 2009
Genre Short-form narrative

The Dawn Chapel is a weekly webcomic created by Astolpho (signing as root). It's an experimental effort consisting of a collection short stories 4-8 pages long, interspersed with single-page one-offs. All of the stories feature animal characters in some way.

Completed stories[edit]

  • How the Raccoon Got His Coat - An adaptation of a Seneca folktale depicting the wily Raccoon stealing treasure from Raven, and Raven's retribution in marking Raccoon as a thief.
  • A Fine Day Out - A silent comic about a little lion exploring in the woods, and an encounter that results in an improbable confrontation.
  • They Sit So Still - The closing monologue exerpted from the stage play K2, delivered by a dying mountain climber considering his mortality through a metaphor about Japanese glacier foxes (including Albinos.
  • Inconsolable - A series of one-off gags about videogames.
  • The Apex Predator - A series of silent comics about a large lion juxtaposed into typical housecat scenarios: tape on his paw, exploring paper bags, chasing a ball of yarn, and sleeping in the sun.
  • In the Early Dark - A silent comic showing the hunting practices of monoceri.
  • The Soldier and the Tsar - A Russian folktale, retold with rats.
  • The Puppy who would be Pope - An adaptation of a poem by Morris Stegosaurus.
  • Telstar - A little bunny goes to space, and doesn't make a friend.

Critical reception[edit]

The Dawn Chapel enjoyed increased attention following the popularity of the one-off Firefox has Crashed, and was profiled, interviewed, or reviewed by the following sources:

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