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The Zeta Corner, formerly The ZooFurries Society, is an image sharing group on the mobile app, Telegram. It is owned by GSD Lovedog[citation needed] and it only allowed the sharing of zoophilia, furry porn and murrsuit media.[1]

In April 2017, the group had over 900 members.[citation needed] On April 26, GSDLovedog shut down the group, only for it to resurface as Zeta Corner.[2]


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In April 2017,[citation needed] the administrators of the ZooFurries Society were:

Members list screenshots[edit]

In April 2017, a Twitter account called "@Exposethefandom" posted a link to screenshots purporting to show the membership of the group.[3] The tweet has been shared 135 times as of April 24,[3] and some users such as BovineRoyalty have stated the information was shared in order to shame the individuals involved for associations with bestiality.[4]

Many people implicated as members of the group[who?] denied involvement, claiming either that someone had used one of Telegram's little-known features to add them to the group without their knowledge,[citation needed] or that someone had performed a "bait and switch", with them joining the group under a different name, only for it to be refashioned into a zoophilia group to target the members.[2]

The same day, the @Exposethefandom Twitter account was deleted.[2]


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