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The Yiff Factory, also known as TYF, is a furry night club in Second Life (SL).


The night club caters to all furries, regardless of their sexual orientation. The club also plays music, holds special events, and Also has 3 private rooms and serves as an information hub to learn about the SL community.


The club was created by Felix Oxide in October 2007.

In early 2009, Felix Oxide sold the club to Teeny Littlething.

On June 15th 2009, The Yiff Factory was set to only allow Age Verified residents, which blocked many of the club's patrons from visiting again until their real age had been verified. This requirement was lifted shortly later.

On October 31st, 2009, The Yiff Factory was closed by Teeny Littlething, only to be reopened three days later in its original form, which had been designed by Felix Oxide. A message found within the club states that it was being run by old management. Staff from other clubs came in to help with the reopening.

A month later, The Yiff Factory closed its doors due to the owner's failing health.

Less than a year later, The Yiff Factory was re-established by Teeny Littlething, along with many old staff members. The club has upgraded its look in a tribute to the original design.

July 2011 The Yiff Factory once again closed and the island was converted to TYF Island park.

July 2012 The Yiff Factory reappears once more but as an "unofficial beta version" Operating under TYF @Wolves Inc. This version is coordinated by Spiked Mycron. Spiked Mycron has exclusive permissions to use TYF assets during this time. TYF @Wolves inc. Is located on the Purity region, this region is Adult rated and is not the permanent location of TYF, simply a beta site that Spiked is testing new features and giving people a chance to visit enjoy the environment. Access is subject to management preference.

Current TYF staff are welcome back, a new staff roster reflecting this version of TYF will be posted for historical record. Please note this is NOT an official run of the club. Teeny will resume her roles when she is able to. All inquiries are to be directed to Spiked Mycron.

July 2013 The Yiff Factory is no longer a "Beta" and is still managed by Wolves Inc.

August/September 2013 The Yiff Factory VIP group was re-taken by its former owner and creator for unknown reasons approximately 1,000 users are ejected by Felix Oxide, new groups are made to replace the one "reclaimed" by its founder who sold the club and its assets to Teeny Littlething in early 2009. Only the VIP group was "reclaimed" and to prevent farther "reclaiming" of groups that were purchased from its founder, all the groups have been re-created and are secure.

October 2013 The Yiff Factory Welcomes Club Rainbow Tiger to share space with TYF after Rainbow Tiger had been closed for almost 2 years until they were ready to expand to their own sim/parcel.

October 24, 2013 Teeny Littlething formally steps down as owner of The Yiff Factory and its assets passing ownership in full to Spiked Mycron. Teeny Littlething will remain on staff as a DJ.

Mid November of 2013 Rainbow Tiger is moved to its own parcel and once again independent of TYF Estates, the decision was an amicable decision between Both club owners.

The Staff[edit]


  • Current Staff Roster:
    • Club Owner: Spiked Mycron
    • General Managers: Spiked Mycron
    • Club Supervisor(s): Precious Peapod
    • Security Manager:
    • DJ Manager: RaithSphere Enyo
    • Imagineer Manager: N/A
    • Vendor Manager: Not in use curently
    • Estate Manager: Spiked Mycron, McYiffy Yootz and RaithSphere Enyo
  • Blank Fields indicate Owner is Managing that area/department

  • Former Staff Roster:
    • Club Owners: Teeny Littlething,McYiffy Yootz
    • General Managers: Totalus Karas, Deja Spyker
    • Public Relations: Shadowghost Luan
    • Security Manager: Fenrix Murakami
    • DJ Manager: Raithsphere Enyo, Danath Fhang
    • Imagineer Manager: Recca Allen
    • Vendor Manager: Arsen Graff
    • Estate Manager: Agent Strangelove, RaithSphere Enyo
    • Events Manager: Totalus Karas

  • Former Staff Members:
    • Club Owner: Felix Oxide
    • General Managers: Totalus Karas, Deja Spyker
    • Public Relations: Shadowghost Luan
    • DJ Managers: RaithSphere Enyo, Danath Fhang, RZ Beck, Nemoen Magne
    • Imagineer Manager: Recca Allen
    • Vendor Managers: Arsen Graff, Fenrix Murakami
    • Events Manager: Totalus Karas

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