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The Wulf Archives is the name of a series of erotic sword and sorcery stories written by Anthony Pryor about a freelancer wizard school drop out turned thief and mercenary.

Its furry nature is made evident from the first story on by the fact that the story world has numerous civilizations of various humanoid furry species such as the N'Doro (lion men), the Kaitians (tiger people), Wolfen (wolf people) and ratling (rat people). These species and others make a significant presence in the story world in addition to the standard fantasy character types such as elves, dwarves and dragons.

Furthermore, given the erotic nature of the stories, Wulf has several lovers of the various furry species. The strongest relationship in this regard is with Shu Li, a vivacious kaitian warrior who has taken Wulf as her companion; as well as her other lover, Tanu the wolfen tamer, as they search for her enslaved sister. In addition, Wulf as taken the form of a lion man called Chuma in numerous stories where his exotically handsome and well-endowed body has attracted considerable female interest.

The setting for this story has also been used by jonwI for his story The Taj Saga, which has a N'Doro as its main character.

As of May 2011, Anthony Pryor has published the Wulf Archives in the form of three novels, with at least two more planned.

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