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OMGWTF! Furries II (complete title: OMGWTF! Furries II - The Wrath of Con) is an in-production sequel to 2005's short film OMGWTF! Furries by The Kemeeleon and Amadeus, the independent film is slated to be a feature-length adventure; the film is tentatively titled The Wrath of Con. A trailer for the film appeared on Umgotts Studios' Unlimited Geekdom DVD, which was first released at Anthrocon 2006. The trailer appeared on YouTube soon afterwards. A 25-minute long preview of the first act of the incomplete film was screened at FurFright 2006, an an extended preview was shown at I-Con 26.


The story is centered around a group of furries and their pilgrimage to the fictional AnimalCon (also known as La Convencion de las Animalias) in Albuquerque, the elements of running a convention, and a group of renegade furries.

Much broader in scope than the original film, the follow-up includes numerous popular culture parodies and references, ranging from the "Furry 4eva, Hyooman Neva!"-spouting gangsters to the Reservoir Dogs-themed promotional poster featuring Tio Koggey and Silvermoon Lonewolf in a classic standoff pose.


The new film will feature a larger cast than the first. Amadeus and The Kemeeleon will be playing multiple lead roles each. The supporting cast includes Joe Meyer in multiple roles, including several cameos in fursuit as Eryshe. A number of other furs will also have cameos, including Mitsu, Wag!, Gadas, and many members of the Long Island Furs. Smitty, one of the few non-furs involved in the first film, will be making a cameo as well in a scene illustrating his fate after shooting the first film, in addition to reprising the role of Henry Iffer, the father of a well-known furry artist.

According to the latest trailer, the film is expected to be completed by "sometime 2008" and the producers are currently accepting invitations from conventions who are interested in hosting the premiere.

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