The World of Vicki Fox (comic)

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The World of Vicki Fox
The World of Vicki Fox (comic) logo.png
Author(s) Michael Russell
Update schedule 28
Launch date June 23, 2001
End Date Ongoing
Genre Slice of life, Humor
Censor G button.png

The World of Vicki Fox, also known as Vicki Fox, is a webcomic by Michael Russell.

The comic strip was started in early 2001 as a way of telling stories with the Vicki Fox cast of characters.

The comic strip is a spice-of-life comedy told in stories. It is a serial instead of a gag comic strip.

Comic strip[edit]

The comic strip is written by Michael Russell. He has teamed up with various artists to illustrate the comic. The first two stories were illustrated by Laura Howell, the young lady who created the model sheets and style for the characters. Subsequent stories have been illustrated by Shelley Pleger.

The comic strip is organized around stories. For example, the original story, Video Introductions, provided an overall plot where Vicki is creating a video of her friends to send to her parents. As a result, the comic strip is a serial instead of a gag comic strip.

In order to ensure a monthly release schedule, Michael introduced the Minding the Gap filler comic strip series. In this series, he accepts or solicits contributions from fans and other artists. Details about this filler comic strip series can be found on the web site.

The comic strip stories take place in contemporary America at a small country college town in north Georgia.


  • Vicki Fox - Lead character
  • Aussie Skunk - Vicki childhood friend
  • Meredith Skunk - Aussie's girlfriend and Vicki's friend
  • Ceri Bobcat - Vicki's best friend
  • Zephy Fox - Vicki's sister
  • Mike Flafox - Vicki's uncle
  • Debbie Flafox - Mike's daughter
  • Wendy Raccoon - Debbie's nanny
  • Cody Raccoon - Wendy's son
  • Laura Anne Hare - Vicki, Ceri, and Aussie's boss
  • Suzy Chipmunk - the office receptionist
  • Craig Wolfe - The office computer guy who has a crush on Vicki
  • Rhonda Wolfe - Craig's mom
  • Stacy Wolfe - Craig's sister
  • Pastor Steve Reynard - Youth pastor at Vicki's church and the guy Vicki has a crush on.


Michael Russell has not yet published the comic, but plans to do so once the comic gains a bigger audience or fan base.


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