The Winds of Change

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Not to be confused with Winds of Change, a furry visual novel game by Klace.

The Winds of Change is a story universe created by Jon Sleeper.

Multiple universes combined in an accident to leave a mix of human, furry and strange powers that affect people as they hit puberty, in a rite of passage called "the change", a time to anticipate, or to fear.

Jon wrote a lot of stories around his character David, which explained the cause and effect of the merging of the universe, and life afterwards.

A later set of stories came into being when Jon, and two friends, Brian Eirik Coe, and Bryan Derksen started a round robin story. They each used their own names for the characters and the Great Round Robin, as it was called, is the tale of the three friends and their new friends, as they adapt to their new world, bodies, and abilities.

A while later, a new experiment started, this time called the Teen Round Robin. This time the three original authors, and two new friends, Trey McElveen, and Doug Linger took on new characters. The story starts before their changes, and tells the story of the five friends and the changes that pass though the huge shift in their lives as they pass though "the change".

Other stories set in the WoC universe were written by such authors as:

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