The Wacintosh Files

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The Wacintosh Files
Author(s) Marc "Waccoon" Leveille
Launch date 2001
Genre Romance, drama, comedy
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The Wacintosh Files is a webcomic by Marc "Waccoon" Leveille. It is a romantic comedy-drama dealing with issues of maturity. The strip focuses on the raccoon cartoonist Waccoon, and his girlfriend, Tawny, as they learn how to deal with life within their cartoon world.


The title was initially applied to a series of gag strips drawn between 1998 and 2001. Strips began to regularly appear in 2008. The initial strips did not feature reoccurring characters or storyline, but were consistent in their use of anthropomorphic characters. In 2001, Leveille began to portray the raccoon character, Waccoon, a cartoonist, and his creation, Tawny, who wishes to be a real woman.[1] Tawny's purpose in Waccoon's life to keep his libido in check and help him discover his potential as a lover by offering him confidence and motivation,[2] without becoming too perfect as to make Waccoon become too attached to his imagination,[3] which would prevent him from seeking meaningful, fulfilling relationships with real women, rather than furry avatars.[4] Tawny wishes to have sex with Waccoon, and his rejection of her leads her to seek fulfillment in other people's fantasies, although Waccoon insists that the sexually explicit fan art is "not canon".[5] When he agrees to her request that she be allowed to leave and have sex with whomever she chooses, she is saddened.[6] Her leaving results in Waccoon ending up with an artistic block, and even the strip's reoccurring gags no longer appear because of her absence.[7] They eventually reconcile, with Waccoon agreeing to be Tawny's boyfriend.[8]


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