The Underfuzz

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The Underfuzz
Author(s) Kenshi Mardon
Update schedule Wednesdays and Saturdays
Launch date June 11, 2008
End Date Hiatus
Genre  ?

The Underfuzz is a webcomic that is drawn by Kenshi Mardon, who also appears within the comic.

The author views Underfuzz as a "different kinda comic...thing"[citation needed] because he is not only present within the comic in his fox form, but also in a human form. The two can switch places as the maker of the comic at any time, and, despite being the same person, have very different personalities. Having been on an unannounced haitus for the past several months, Kenshi is now working on giving the comic a new look with more detailed backgrounds, more precise character design, and other modifications to the mood and theme of the comic.


Kenshi Mardon (Fox): see Kenshi Mardon

Kenshi Mardon (Human): One of the main characters of the story, Kenshi is co-creator of the comic and thinks of most of the poorly written jokes for the comic. Because he is essentially sharing the existence of Kenshi Fox some of the evil characters that Kenshi had invented before the comic have been able to slip out of his mind and into the comic world. His fate is currently unknown

Leon Mc.Dowel: A Black dog, Leon represents the sarcastic or even satiric elements of Kenshi's mind. Usually the one to bash on a subject or finish off a joke, Leon is one of the characters who has more substance to him. Could this pose a complication?

Chisa Ruscof: The "SPAZ" of the group, Chisa is the femininity of Kenshi's mind. At one point she was to be the love interest of the Mardons but had her character background changed for the sake of a future semi-developed plot arch.

Xellos Marctavius: The Gothic element of the story, Xellos is the embodiment of Kenshi's quiet and goth quality. Not saying much, he shall become the artistic medium of the comic

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