The Trap Line

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The Trap Line was a FurNet dial-up BBS run out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Mam'zelle Hepsibah, also known as Kratsminsch.

Details are lost, but Trap Line was a decent BBS, free, and user run. The sysy, er, sysopette only maintained it, and reacted to the occasional squable. The board ran for 5 1/2 years, which was a decent lifetime for a Fidonet/Furnet/Purrnet BBS till the internet took over from the amateur international email and file sharing network. At top use, as many as 40 or more fen would be logging on a day, notable as this would have been people local to the 416 area dialing in. It was the foundation for the current strong Toronto furry fandom.

Many current active Toronto fans, such as Silfur, Benjamin (there as Simba) and MelSkunk (there as Stonespeaker) started in fandom through the Trap Line.

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