The Ties That Bind

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The Ties That Bind is a roleplaying forum with a plot that involves "Three different packs, with three wildly different temperaments, [which] have been chosen by the one Creator to fight an evil God by the name of Demetious." The three packs are called Kerra, Pilouri, and Yerenta.

In late 2006 The Ties That Bind was marked on hiatus until May 2007.[1]

By 2012, The Ties That Bind was marked Board Offline with a statement

The Ties That Bind
After talking, both Astrid and I, Cavan, have decided not to re open The Ties That Bind. We are very sorry to have kept your hopes up, but we just do not have the time to run a site, even during the summer. Astrid has opened a new site, which I am sure she will give you the details on, and wolves are just not my cup of tea anymore.[2]
The Ties That Bind


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