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Valentine Crow, also known as The Tied Tigress, is a furry artist living in Wisconsin, USA. She received a bachelors of Fine Art, majoring in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008. She is originally from New York.

Her anthropomorphic stylization focuses on plantigrade characters drawn in traditional pencils and colored digitally. Her adult work focuses on sensual, emotional adult themed work. She has attended Furry Weekend Atlanta, FurFright and Midwest FurFest and submitted artwork to the convention booklets for RainFurrest and FurFright.

Her primary fursona is a pine marten and her secondary (adult) fursona for TheTiedTigress is a golden tabby tigress. She is the artist for the webcomic Cut Loose ([1]) created by Matt Sowers (of Code Name: Hunter ([2])) and Marcus M.

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