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Illustration by Chris Goodwin for his interview on The Tame Talk Show

The Tame Talk Show (also known as TTTS) was the first program devoted to "interviews" of furries worldwide, and the first of its kind in English, held on the Felin forum. It aired over 2003 and 2004, interviewing more than fifty furries from Brazil and other countries. The interviews took the form of textual role-plays, written as if part of a TV program (including a studio audience).[1]

"Presented" by Tame Wolf, who gave his name to the program, The Tame Talk Show was highlighted by irreverence, good humor, smart and keen questions, the original drawings illustrating the interviews - usually made by the interviewee himself - and a forum for readers to comment.

Prospective Brazilian interview participants signed up on a waiting list, which had grown to an over-three-month backlog by the time the program ended. International respondents were selected and invited to participate.

At the end of the program, with the closing of Felin, all the program material was held by Tame Wolf. His death in September 2004 left only a few illustrations, two interviews and the three year-end specials, which are in the power of program producer Hwei Chow.

Production team[edit]

  • Tame Wolf - Interviews and editing
  • Hwei Chow - Production, interviewees selection, and moderation of the forum for interview discussion

Partial list of interviewees[edit]

Year-end specials[edit]

Between December 2003 and January 2004 the team produced three audio programs for the festive holiday period:

Christmas Special

Tame Wolf questions Hwei Chow on the need for having to work on Christmas, and on an interview with one such "Mary Christmas".

New Year Special

Tame Wolf and Hwei Chow count their plans for the holidays and offer a message of end of year with Cid Moreira (a Brazilian TV news anchor, know for his beautiful voice).

Vacation Special

Tame Wolf and Hwei Chow receive a studio visit from Uncle Fart, and his nephew, the Fartie.


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