The Tail Underground

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The Tail Underground

The Tail Underground is a Macromedia Flash-based adult website created by Ian R. Soulfox.

The player enters a virtual inn and can walk around and explore the site as well as talk to the guests.

The stories these characters tell and the animations that can be found by opening some of the doors have adult content. A number of the scenes are interactive flash movies.

All the guests of the inn are male, though during the New Years Eve version, there was a female among the other males.

The latest version takes place during a Halloween party in the evening. There was a newer version of the game available, but it was destroyed during a data loss at FurNation. After FurNation recovered, the game was re-iploaded as of April 24th 2008, but only an old version. Ian R. Soulfox posted that he is unclear as to how long it will take to re-upload the current version and whether or not he was going to include any future updates. After FurNation finally closed, Ian R. Soulfox offered the Haloween Edition as download on his FurAffinity page.

The Tail Underground: Redux[edit]

In 2007 the creator Ian Soulfox released some artwork and animation previews for a newer version of the website called The Tail Underground: Redux. According to a backstory provided by Soulfox, a raid had occurred the night of the Halloween party, and the tavern had been significantly fire damaged. This version will take place a few months after the incident, when the inn had been rebuilt and renovated.

The new version will contain more locations including a bathroom, a kitchen, and a wine cellar. Many of the previous characters will appear, as well as some new ones. Ian R. Soulfox hopes to add more interactive sequences than in the previous versions, and the artwork itself will be improved. [1]

"The new version will be making extensive use of bitmap graphics instead of vector work for the backgrounds...this will however bloat the flash files even further, but I felt it was time to gravitate past the limit that kept me from doing so further, namely accomodating for slower connections. I can only do so much to keep the file sizes down and my vision for the site requires me to push a little further now." (Ian R. Soulfox)[2]

No release date has been set.


For the roleplaying and social types there is #the_tail_underground IRC chat channel on FurNet IRC network. It is still active; however, Ian uses Second Life more than IRC.

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