The Synetai Chronicles

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A study for a less anthropomorphized form of two characters
Hand/paw study

The Synetai Chronicles is a comic by Scale, an Italian artist mostly known for his realistic and accurate way of depicting anthropomorphic animals. It was published on Scale's "Snow Covered" website between 2004 and 2006, but is now on a permanent hiatus.

It followed the life of young wolf Adelos, forced to leave his home village in the country to live in the city of Ebenos amongst other wolves and reindeers.

In the world of the Synetai Chronicles, wolves and reindeers are tied together in pairs at birth by a ceremony, forming a strong psychological link, called Syndiateos. Young Adelos however was never given a Syndiateos in his village, and this seems to cause his behaviour to be abnormally shy. In the second episode though, the young wolf appears to be definitely more adapted to his new life, if still a bit awkward at times. The comic publication stopped short after the start of the second chapter.

The comic's panels were quite big and very detailed, often depicting anatomical and atistic studies along with the narration, as shown in the samples.

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