The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox

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The Crack Fox is a character in the BBC comedy series The Mighty Boosh who appeared in a Series 3 episode "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox"[1]. He is played by Julian Barratt.


A fox who travelled to London from Cambridge in search of fortune, but has fallen on hard times. The fox was called Jerome, living in the countryside of England until he found a copy of Cheekbone Magazine and he read an article about London life. Against his friends' wishes, he goes to the city to have a great time in a gay club. But the days of partying out burned the fox out as he ends up on the streets homeless and poor.

The Crack Fox takes up residence in the pile of bin bags behind the Nabootique. During the episode he tricks Vince into letting him inside, farts in Vince's face and then steals Naboo's shaman juice to enact his scheme to take over the world. After absorbing the magic juice through his syringe fingers he becomes incredibly powerful (demonstrating telekinesis) before being stopped by a tramp that Vince had befriended and then later crushed to death in a garbage truck while pursuing Vince and Howard who took the shaman juice back during the struggle. It is also implied that the Crack Fox fancies Vince Noir. He also stated having two friends called Nicholas the Tennis Rat and Dante the racist Badger.


Clip From Crack Fox Episode