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The Sims is a computer and video game series where the player controls the lives of simulated people. Arguably the best feature of the game is the ability to mod in custom characters, which has been present since the original game. The Sims had a mod called SimFoxes by Charles Caffrey that, surprisingly, enabled fox characters. At some point, the hosting for that mod went down. BastDawn, a fan of the mod, rehosted the original, as well as an expanded set called Sim Raccoons. It included the original foxes, along with raccoons, wolves, and rabbits. The Sims 2 has the most anthropomorphic skins and accessories out of all of The Sims games so far. Several species for The Sims 3 are available at a paysite known as My Sims Fantasy. The Sims 4 seems to have less mods available. At least one modder has attempted to add in Sonic characters, but abandoned the project. Several furry skins, ears, and tails are available. In addition, "Savestate Comic" has released its Furry Mod which has furry skins, ears, and tails to allow creating canines and feline characters.

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