The Ratacombs

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The Ratacombs is a textual location on Tapestries MUCK. It is an underground complex of tunnels and chambers beneath Eastern Layleaux, the southernmost end of which runs adjacent to Merriam's Pub. It is owned and managed by Marasmus. While it is a public building, it is not yet fully staffed, and is still waiting for a public teleport pattern. Until then, the directions are: T Ravenside, N, N, SE.


The atmosphere of the area is dark, gothic-inspired, yet fun, and while there is a definite rodent theme to the decor, everyone is welcome, regardless of species. The spookiness is designed to entertain, and to attract those interested in the goth revival scene. There are many play areas in the sprawling, creepy complex, including several 'hidden' areas that can be found by careful observation.

Roleplay is encouraged in all parts of the complex, and OOC discussion is limited. While considered an 'In character' zone, the definition of 'IC' is relatively loose, and the standards for roleplay are very relaxed and freeform. You won't have to roll any dice or submit any sheets.

The Ratacombs are touted as a 'haven for the hunted', but only the central rooms are 'no hunting zones', leaving the outer tunnels and aboveground areas for predator/prey scenes. Within, the atmosphere is intimate, dark and comforting, meant to evoke a feeling of security and cameraderie amongst survivors.


A Map of the Ratacombs.

The map to the right shows all the obviously accessable parts of the complex. There are a few hidden rooms not shown. Click the image to enlarge.


Once part of an enormous citadel, the Ratacombs are the only remains of a once-flourishing murine society. The city and temple, long destroyed, were little more than crumbling ruins when Layleaux was founded, leveled to lay foundations for the new city. Yet the catacombs remained intact, some of its galleries preserved in pristine condition, with cave paintings spanning back aeons, illustrating the history of a race of spiritual and peaceful rat-people.

Since its rediscovery in the last century, the property was purchased by the founder of an occult rodent cult, where it was cleared out and used for religious magical ceremonies until all its members mysteriously vanished without a trace. The property went unused for decades, having been left to the cult founder's closest living relative, a niece, along with more money than she'd ever know what to do with. The niece, being an odd child to begin with, began to see potential in the place, and started planning renovations that would turn it into the Ratacombs.


The Ratacombs Rules of Conduct are fairly consistent with the general MUCK policies, however there are differences designed to facilitate roleplay based on the idea of being hunted or chased outside the 'safe zone'.

Most 'extreme' kinks are discouraged, but there are rooms where heavy BDSM, combat, and bloodletting are allowed, in keeping with the theme.


The Ratacombs are currently undergoing renovations to make it more compatable with Public building standards.