The Raccoon Family

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The Racoon Family are one of many characters created by Albert Temple, and have been seen not only in his comic series, Gene Catlow, but also on

Each of the family members exhibits an amazing trait:

Gruff Raccoon: He has not only super-strength, but he is surprisingly almost indestructable. He is also VERY PROTECTIVE about his children.

Patient Raccoon: She has a aura of calmness that would be defined as "almost eerie", even as her children are nearly deafening in play.

Observant Raccoon: Like her name suggests, she is able to not only be aware of one thing in her surroundings, but she is aware of EVERYTHING taking place in it!

Active Raccoon: The proof of this preteen procyon is his super-speed that can even propel him into time.

Confident Raccoon: He has unshakable confidence that makes him a formidable character when he faced with adversity.

Other Raccoons

Stentorian Raccoon: Probably a distant relative of the family, Stentorian Raccoon can influence the will of others via his voice. Unlike the Raccoon Family, he holds non-Raccoons in ill-concealed contempt, believing them not to be true intelligent life-forms.

The Quiet One: An unnamed Raccoon Character who appeared in some of Albert Temple's pictures.

The Raccoon Family